Hydroponics At Home

Customize your selection of produce, berries, and/or herbs 

Select your seeds

Choose your size

Feed your plants

Community Impact

Profits and donations go to making a lasting and environment-friendly change in Baltimore 

Grow Your Own Food

Join us in making healthy food more sustainable. From day one, you will be in charge in growing healthy, fresh food in our Seedling hydroponics units.

Community Projects

Beginning with Oliver neighborhood Seedling provides fresh food to individual homes and reduce hunger in larger communities through the construction of greenhouses that increase fresh food availability for everyone.

Lasting Partnerships

We plan to form lasting connections with charter schools to educate school children about hydroponics farming, and local communities to combat food deserts, leveraging partnerships to create lasting and sustainable development.

Food Insecurity

650,200 people in Maryland struggle with hunger. Food deserts pose a big threat to members in underprivileged communities.

Our Location

Bethel Street Community Garden

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